Reconnective Healing


In 1993, Dr. Eric Pearl, who was successfully practicing as a chiropractor in Los Angeles, had the extraordinary awareness of the existence of what were later called Reconnective Healing Frequencies.

In August of that year, many of his patients began to report unexpected benefits that  concerned their emotional, mental and psychological spheres.

The Frequencies presented themselves to Eric in an unexpected  and surprising way . But soon his own intuition, his experience and the support of scientific research together defined the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.  It has been established that they are a very new spectrum of all-encompassing frequencies characterized by Energy, Light and Information.

Their beneficial effect on all living beings is confirmed by experience and science.

They are offered in two different types of sessions: Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection.

Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing is a  energy rebalancing modality which, without any contact between the practitioners and the clients, restores the personal energy balance. Its Frequencies are not specific, but they work on the whole energy field of the receiver by making the vibrational levels of his personal energy coherent. This allows the elimination of all that is dissonant from this balance and promotes well-being at all levels of Being, restoring the original perfect natural state.
The benefits can manifest themselves on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological level, clearly improving the progress of one’s life and making it more fluid and natural.
The Reconnective Healing Frequencies work from the beginning of the session and continue to work for a long time after the end of the session. Sessions can be facilitated on people of all ages, on children, on pregnant women and also on plants and animals.

Session of Reconnective Healing®

The client will be asked to lie down on a massage table, fully clothed, and the certified operator will work around, without touching you. Before the session, the Practitioner will be available for any necessary explanation and, at the end, will collect your feelings without interpreting them. During the session you may experience a deep feeling of peace and relaxation, you may notice various physical and sensory sensations that vary from person to person. A Reconnective Healing session takes approximately 30 minutes. One to three sessions are recommended, sufficient to reach an excellent state of energy balance.

Session of Reconnective Healing® by distance

Distant Reconnective Healing sessions are as effective as in-person sessions because distance does not affect and does not diminish the effectiveness of Reconnective Healing. The distance session can be used for children, for animals, for people who cannot reach the Practitioner and for anyone who likes to receive it immediately in the place where they find it. Each session lasts about 30 minutes and one to three sessions are recommended for optimal restoration of one’s energy balance.


The price for an in-person or remote Reconnective Healing session is 120 USD.
After each session, a regular payment receipt or invoice will be issued by the Practitioner.

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The personal Reconnection

It uses the Frequencies of Reconnective Healing and acts on the individual macro cosmos through a precise procedure, targeted information. It is a process that reconnects the energetic grid of the body to the ley lines of the planet and therefore to the universal one in all dimensions of time and space. Those who receive it will be reconnected to a system of infinite intelligence, to their original vibrations, to the true Self.

Receiving the Reconnection triggers an uninterrupted process that will accompany him in his Life Progress making it clearer, simpler and more fluid. Those who receive Personal Reconnection will therefore be able to face life in a more conscious, more lucid, more balanced way because they have finally been brought back to their essence, to what they really are by regaining full power over themselves.

With less fear, less stress, less external conditioning, the evolution of events will seem faster thanks to the regained and precise understanding of the meaning of one’s life.

Personal Reconnection takes place in two distinct sessions on two different days. The second session must be completed within three days of the first. Personal Reconnection is received only once in a lifetime and is an individual and conscious choice.


The price for the two sessions of the Reconnection, established by Dr. Eric Pearl, is the same all over the world and is equal to 333 of the local currency. The cost of the Reconnection in Europe – including the United Kingdom – is USD/€ 333.

Important information notes to read

Arouna Arnachellum is NOT a doctor nor does she claim to be in any way. In no way can the Reconnective Healing and Reconnection practiced by Arouna Arnachellum be considered a therapy in the common sense of the term. In no case is it recommended to reduce or suspend medical therapies that are already being followed. No specific results are guaranteed. In no case are advice given on one’s physical state, diagnosis or prescriptions of any kind.

It is always advisable to consult a qualified doctor to take care of your physical condition. Each individual is responsible for himself and for his own medical care. At the beginning of each Reconnective Healing or Reconnection session, an information notice will be read and signed. A regular receipt or invoice will be issued for each professional service.

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