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Nowadays there are more than 120.000 practitioners worldwide, but how did all this come about?

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Arouna Arnachellum

Reconnective Healing and Reconnection Certified Practitioner


Arouna was born in Mauritius. After secondary school, she joined the local airline Air Mauritius as a ground staff where she has been working for the past 35 years.

She has acquired a lot of diplomas in the airline industry over the years.
Since a very early age, she was very much interested in spirituality and healing.

She has followed many masters and diverse spiritual teachings but was left unfulfilled. She is a certified Reiki master, and has followed many courses in her spiritual quest, namely Celestial Qigong, yoga, Vedic Astrology and She is also a certified Akashic record practitioner.

She has gone in depth about human evolution and was amazed by the discovery of the planetary system and its effect on our daily lives. But the one thing that came up again and again in all the scriptures the effect of duality here on Earth, of good and bad is totally nullified once you connect to source, God, higher self, light whatever name you choose to give to the infinite creator.

After a long spiritual quest, she discovered Reconnective Healing in 2017 under incredible circumstances and got what she called a spiritual booster with the most beautiful experiences. She finally understood what Nicola Tesla meant when he said that the world is only frequency, energy, and vibration.

She is now a certified Reconnective Healing practitioner and she takes it as her mission now to share this beautiful God-given gift with those who resonate with it.